30+ Years of being farmers of Telangana

Welcome to Farmers Pride



We are a team of people who are continuously striving to assist you to find the best quality food products right from the farms. Not only we help our customers, being farmers of Telangana we help other farmers also to get the proper price for their products without any middlemen. This means we directly communicate with the farmers and get the premier products for the best prices. 

Why should you choose the farmer’s pride?

There are many reasons why we are the best, but let me tell you a few interesting things

  • Never Pay More

    We never ask to pay more than the value of the product.

  • We care

    Even if it is obvious to receive one or two damaged products in your basket, we will immediately compensate them for you.

  • No Middle Men

    We equally admire the farmers to get the proper price for their products without any middlemen.

  • Farm Fresh

    Can you discover anything more fresh than the food that is placed in your basket right after plucking them from the fields? Well, we are experts in doing it.

Our Goal

Some companies set their goals related to money and some about prominence. But our goal is to sustain the essence of our product. Because we strongly believe only quality takes us to the heights that we want to strike. And we undoubtedly want to build your trust. As they say, you have to perceive before judging. So all we ask for is. Give us an opportunity and we promise you, we will never break your trust. Because being righteous is our favorite hobby.

we care

We are working on creating a sustainable future where farmers and customers can freely interact without a middleman in between angling to take his cut. Thus ensuring a triple fold incentive of a Reliable platform for ample pay for the farmer creating a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for the customer.

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